Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Puppy Training 101

Greetings Crafty friends and all that stop on by.  Its been a non stop journey of puppy training over the past few months.

Just when Rambo thinks he has me trained.....I figure out something new to confuse him.

We have a very long way to go, a few things taking more time to get correct.

This week Rambo graduates from his first puppy class and then on to the next set. I'm not sure if I'll graduate with him, grins.

Funny thing, when the trainer uses him to show the class something new, Rambo is the perfect student. With this being said, it leads me to believe, "I" may be the one needing training not him lol.

So, after turning 60 coughing... I mean 35 this summer, something inside me screamed "I need a PUPPY"! Crazy or not?  I say not, its been so much fun!

Here's the boy 4 months old!


Shhhhh baby sleeping!

I hope soon to be back crafting as he's settling in more each day freeing me up a little more.

Blessings and hugs, Lori m