Tuesday, December 4, 2018


and a very early Merry Christmas to all!  I've been trying to make a few gifts this year....it's going slower than I'd like.  Maybe next year will be more productive lol.

I do hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy and safe?

What new projects are you all up to?  I'm still selling my Bosskut Gazelle with many bonuses. As much as I love the pink beauty .....right now....I'm opting for the easiest possible crafting I can find.

Anyone interested please email me at tiredlady47 @ yahoo.com.

Hugs and blessings to all, Lori m

Monday, November 26, 2018

A few more...

projects finished.

Table decorations for the holidays.

Napkin holder......Squirrel.....Table favor...all cut using my Cricut Maker!

Now on too some party decorations using my Cricut Maker and the Cricut Party Foil!

Enjoy, Blessings and Hugs, Lori m

Monday, November 19, 2018

Happy Holidays to all...

Greetings to everyone and  here's wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving early.

Little by little I keep trying to chip away at getting a few things ready for the holidays. Each year  I seem to get further and further behind. No...I'm not getting older just slower ha!

So for now keeping this post short, seems my computer is aging quicker than I am lol.

Using my Cricut Maker and vinyl here's one of my framed wall signs.

Cricut Vinyl.....Modge Podge, clear window plastic and plain wooden frame and checked print material .

I tried something new rather than heat iron on vinyl with the material, I modge podged the material to canvas, added my vinyl design then covered it with window plastic and attached it to the wooden frame an done.  Perfect and used all the  materials on hand. 

So for now this is it, enjoy, Blessings and hugs, Happy Thanksgiving!  Lori m

Monday, November 5, 2018

Long time....

Hello Everyone, here's to hoping life is great your way?  I've been doing much more resting, trying to sew little fun things and get my crafting in when things allow me to do so.

Not much happening in my world, trying to prep for the holidays and get ready for many Birthdays before Christmas.

 My Mother will be 90 this year and so I've been working on some decorations for her Celebration.

Here's a few of the things finished already ..................

For the Mom who needs nothing.....a Money Tree and custom pillow lol

Little late, here I made vinyl cutouts for the bottles and sewed a small Halloween print mat. 

This is probably my favorite...Little Sewn Tree..Stitch...then fill and hand sew while sitting back watching TV.

Little Halloween print skirt and sack purse for my granddaughter.
Card and matching Box

So this is what I've been up to the past few months.

Enjoy, blessings and hugs, Lori m

Saturday, September 8, 2018


is almost... mid month already, it's so hard to believe with the high hot temperatures we're still getting here in NY, that it's September.

Time is passing me by, much quicker than I'd like.  I've been making a few cards, Tee-Shirts and tried my hand at using my sewing machine after six years owning it.

Little did I know, the reason it kept jamming was a bobbin issue. Partly factory installed wrong problem and partly operator error issue.

Kudos to all you wonderful ladies and all you make with your machines. I can only hope to have the ability to do simple things that turn out looking like something.  Sewing takes a whole heap of patience's, something I've not yet acquired.

Time to learn sewing and mending cloths, times are getting harder and this way everything will last and fit much better.  I found a few minutes at the machine is quite relaxing and fun, who'd ever think lol.

News Flash!
The Cricut has sold and is being enjoyed in a new home.

The BossKut Gazelle is still up for grabs, great machine, just to much going on right now to leave the Pink beauty.. work horse.. machine sitting idol. So, again, anyone interested please toss me an email.

email me at .....tiredlady47 @ yahoo.com  spaces removed......add in the subject line Gazelle, thank you!

Happy belated Labor Day to all those whom Celebrated, God Bless America, Amen!

Blessings and hugs, Lori m

Saturday, August 25, 2018


you believe it's almost September all ready? The time just passes so quick lately, doesn't it?

So it's time to de-clutter once again and part with a few of my favorite things.

I'm selling my BossKut Gazelle, great shape and a true power house, also parting with a Cricut Explore One Bluetooth machine.

Anyone interested, please contact me for pictures and more information.

Lori m   ---  tiredlady47 @ yahoo.com

Sorry no new crafted photos, I haven't taken pictures yet.

Blessings and hugs, Lori m

Monday, August 13, 2018

Back with hello .....

belated holiday wishes and happy upcoming holiday wishes.

It's been an unusual summer to hot to craft with no A/C in the home or rooms.  My papers weren't cutting right ,so, I didn't want to waste pretty papers.

Here's to hoping everyone is staying cool and safe with all the tragic weather disasters all around.


So, a few things I've been working on, some made with the magazine card kits, love them for easy days.

My first attempts making a fancy card, the design is .....Lori Whitlock from the Silhouette designs store. I've had this design for ages and finally cut and assembled the design, ....I'm pretty happy with the results and plan to make more.

Well, that's it for now, enjoy, blessings and hugs, Lori m

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Quick hello....

and early Happy Memorial Day to all my friends and followers celebrating!

I'm on a short blog break and will be back soon.

God Bless, hugs, Lori m

Monday, April 16, 2018

Shout out...

and thank you to everyone visiting and leaving all the lovely comments.

I've been doing some different things and being sick in between so once again, sorry for my late replies to comments.

A few things were wedding decorations, 60th gift basket, cards and crafting with Bella my granddaughter. She's so different than her brother at that age, very dainty with the glue sticks and decorations for her card lol.  After Noah would come, I had to restock on everything.

Other news, while wanting a new Cricut Maker so bad, just can't swing the cost with all the goodies right now so I opted for the larger Gemini by Crafters Companion.  I realize dies are needed, still it will cut the materials I'm looking to cut. Ultimate winning the lottery goal would be a laser cutter, inserting a big smile, again, winning the lottery goal, same as the Cricit Maker.

Well, here are a few pics of what I've been up to in between bed rest and trying to train the doggy for Therapy work. A challenge in itself, one class down, 7 more to go lol.

    Crafting with Bella in grandma's messy craft room lol

Here are a few Wedding things I put together.
Using Silhoutte files, Silhoutte machine, Cricut files and machine along with my Gemini.

60th Birthday gift basket

Sorry for the side views, this card was  done embossing and cutting on my Gemini. The die cuts are by Tim Holtz for the mason jar and flower die cuts, the circle die cuts are from Funstampersjourney.
The corner die cut and embossing folder both came with the machine.  I don't have many die cuts, embossing folders or stamps so you may see many of the same used on the cards I'll be making.

Guess this brings me up to date for now, thank you all again for stopping by and the beautiful comments left.

  Many blessings and hugs to all.  Lori m


Tuesday, April 3, 2018


and yet another card lol!

Quick hello post and Happy April to all!  Let there be sunshine and warm weather without snow.

Here's another Colored digi card by Imaginethatdigi's by Kris! 

This digi is called Sweet Tea!

Rather than making this and Anniversary card, I thought it would be a cute Birthday card.  Enjoy!

Blessings and hugs, Lori m

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter is coming.....

so are the bunnies and decorations.

Using my Cricut Explore Air machine I made these cute little Bunny Boxes for treats.  Sorry, the photo taken before they were finished.

Along with that I tried my hand at a few Cricut cards, loving the different things I can make, and all the designs just ready to cut and paste so to speak.

Here's what I came up with, oh and Happy Easter to all those whom celebrate.

I think I liked it better before all the glitter, then again, who doesn't like a little sparkle sometimes?

Enjoy, blessings and hugs, Lori m 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Trying some new...

die cuts.

Greetings my friendly and talented bloggers.  I do hope you're enjoying the beautiful sunshine outside today?  We're still cold and snowy, however the sun was out so off I went for a few minutes of walking our baby boy. Gorgeous to feel some fresh air for a change.

Meanwhile, I received a gift card to Joann's and decided to get some myself some new die cuts.  Oh the fun for me, using my manual machines once again.

Sometimes, I just need to step back from all things electronic and enjoy the less stress, and try to let my mind just create.

Here's what I came up with....

Simple, yet detailed with the delequite cuts via Tim Holtz collections for Sizzix. This was new to me, Sizzix Framelits by Tim Holtz #662270. 

So for today, enjoy, blessings and hugs, Lori m

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Staying ahead

as much as possible.  I put a few Mother's Day cards together the other day.

Here's one of my favorites and of course it's a colored Digi.  They just seem so perfect for time or I should say lack of time. 

At this point in my life, anything to make it fun and stress free is the way I want to roll.

This is from Imaginethatdigi's by Kris, love these images and I put my win to good use.

The file is called Watering Can Tulips...much prettier than my photo shows. 

At least you get a good idea of how nice this will look on any Mother's Day card.

Enjoy, blessings and hugs, Lori m

Friday, March 23, 2018

Rolling along with

another adorable card from one of the collections over at  Imaginethatdigi's by Kris!

The cuteness speaks for itself, the ease of print and cut, well....one of my favorite things to do these days.  Short on time?  Pop on over and check out all the new and favorite digi's Kris creates.

This cutie was from the special collection Kris offered for free with a donation to the Ronald McDonald House.  Just love all the pretty and adorable things to be made, so many options, now all I need is the time.
I'm not sure if this is available for sale, you'd have to check with Kris on that. 

Enjoy, blessings and hugs, Lori m

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It's a Celebration....Tossing ....

Congratulations to Lisa over at A Mermaids Crafts on her Blog 7 year Anniversary!  If you haven't seen any of Lisa's work you should pop on over quick, her stunning projects and cards, will keep you amazed, each one is filled with so much detail, you'll be looking for hours. Enjoy!

Congrats Lisa, thank you for sharing all your beautifully displayed works of art, filled with love in each and every one.  Hugs, Lori m

Side note ...for all those dealing with the North Eastern Storms, stay safe, spring will come....when is the question.  Another storm approaching next week, OK Father Winter.....I'm done for the year please....I have enough winter photos for a lifetime lol.

And it keeps on coming......

 Blessings and Hugs to all, Lori m

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dropping in...

to say Good Morning to all.  I'm the worst blogger lately, my apologizes to everyone.  I keep trying to get back on the bandwagon and then fall right off.  I have some new photos to post, which I do hope will be this week.

I've been back to clutter cleaning and ridding  thousands of photos I will never use, to make room on my hard drive. Might I add..... a very tedious job indeed, and one I  hope to never do again.

Organizing is horrible to do and yet......so rewarding when it's finished. I never want to leave a mess for anyone to clean up including myself. As time marches on, there never seems to be enough time, so the perfect time is now.

Now you have it....the mysterious place I have been hiding out, nowhere and yet everywhere.

So,  this is where all my crafting energy has run off to and with luck soon....very soon....I will have my mojo back and very nicely organized surroundings.

Till then off I go, more clutter to sort and Easter Cards to make, can you here me whistle as my feet move in the same place lol?

Happy Sunday to all, be healthy, blessings and hugs, Lori m

Footnote.....typing with  no sleep, all typos and grammar mistakes allowed, let the stars, (Force) be with me.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another goodie...

Using a rubber stamped tag and my Silhouette this gift wine box was created. The file can be found in the Silhouette design store. The stamped image is from CTMH stamps. Its a set from last year, not sure if it's still available.

Easy to cut, easy to assemble and fun to make, enjoy!

That's all for today, quick and short, however....it's posted lol.

Blessings and hugs, Lori m

Friday, February 16, 2018

Have you seen.....

over at Imaginethatdigi's by Kris, Kris is having a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald house charity

Such a great and worthy cause.

Kris, is offering the cutest Digi set to anyone whom donates to this very  needed cause and great charity.  One charity that truly helps children and parents, read Kris's story, and stop on by to check things out.

OK, on to more cards....I'm finally able to make a few things now that some of my crafty things are within my reach.

A few more cards from my Digi win over at Imaginethatdigi's by Kris.

Beautiful set with sentiments.  I used both paper layering and the checked and blue papers were made digitally.

Stamped sentiments are not included in the card sets. 

Stamped sentiments are not included in the card sets. 

This little cutie is one of many from the adorable set

why not grab the added set of sentiments that work back to the digi's perfectly.  

Before closing I have to add a couple more beauties.....

1st up is my adorable granddaughter Bella, look at those cheeks!!!

2nd. is my pretty Valentines Day flowers from my honey...

Happy Friday to all, blessings and hugs, Lori m

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bad blogger, bad....

blogger.  I try to keep updated, honest I do.  My life just seems to keep tossing things at me that I must attend first.

My apologizes... to the folks whom I won from, and haven't had a chance to post items I've made. 

I've just sent the cards and forgot to take pictures. So, this brings me to a new post today, where I finally got the chance to use one of my pretty prize winnings.

My handsome honey, was so kind as to bring back downstairs a few of my crafting things, so I can work on making cards and altered projects once again, promise I will post photos. 

Now, to build up my embellishment stash, ribbons, pearls and pretty finishing goodies, till then a lot of my post, will be done stamped and digital.

What do you do with the foam backing when the dots are gone?

I've been tossing them out, now I cut them up and use the pieces.  Gosh....why didn't I think of this sooner, use those scraps Lori, use those scraps.

A shout of "Thanks" to Kris from Imaginethatdigistamps.    , loving the prizes won.

Today, a card and little gift box from the adorable Panda Bear 3D set....just to stinking cute, you've just got to love the cuteness and best of all...no coloring in for me.

Card stock was from Michael's, the store brand, I added some glitter and glossy accents to make the Panda Bear and leaves pop. Hard to see in the photo, glitter is hard for me to get a good picture of.

So that's today's craft share, now its time to lay back down for a little rest.

Blessings and Big hugs to all, Lori m

Monday, January 15, 2018


Staying warm???  I hope this finds everyone someplace nice and toasty.  We've gone from nice high 50's to single digits once again.  How is it... that I so enjoyed playing in the winter as a child?

It is very pretty seeing the white snow flakes and glitter from ice, however, at this point is my life, my pretty winter photos are enough to last me a lifetime.

Now, this is what I'm looking forward to seeing.  I do believe, I've become a Spring and Fall kind of gal.... rather than my old Winter, Summer person. Getting older perhaps made the difference.

That's about all for now. Going to try and get to the craft area today for a little crafting if possible.

FYI....I hope everyone is seeing my thank you comments in email, for some reason they aren't always showing up here.  Technology is not my friend lately, I'm going to blame it on the weather haaaahaaa!

Enjoy, stay warm, stay healthy, blessings and hugs, Lori m 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cards be me....

I tried my hand at stamping a little bit. Ordered a few special card sets and stamps from CTMH awhile back. Finally, enjoyed using a few and can't wait to try out the rest.

Always good to have a few manual items on hand for power outages or just because.

Here's what I pulled together using the easy card design set "Cut Above Card Kit - Golden Moments," it came all embellished, add the sentiment and be amazed. Pretty to a whole new level!

You can find this card and many more items over at ......

For more ideas and DT projects.... gander a visit over and check out Diana's blog.

For today....that's all folks.  Stay warm, healthy, and safe. 
Blessings Lori m

Friday, January 12, 2018


life doesn't go as planned, Recon is no longer with us, however will be the Service Dog he was meant to be only for another gentleman.

So, after dealing with my blues, I put my big girl panties on, was able to make a few cards with the prize from Kris, over at Imaginethatdigistamp.

Sorry for the long delay Kris, more things to follow, ;).

Nothing to fancy here, I think the colored digi's stand out much better on there own with my simple cards.

Well, the adorable little buggies are here!! 

Why, I think, I've gone Buggy just coming up with new ideas to use these adorable stamps. Check them out, and all the other pretty digi's in the store, you won't be disappointed and I see some sales going on too.

Before mailing them out, I'm sure I'll add some pretty glitter to them, for now, the cuteness speaks for itself. Go ahead....laugh....smile... I know you want to.  

The Sizzix embossing plates I've had for many years and finally decided to pull out some of my hidden treasures lol.

Off I go for now, my sitting limit for the day has been reached. Enjoy, stay safe and stay healthy.  Prayers for everyone in the disaster ridden states and countries.

Blessings, Lori m
PS: Spell check and grammar ignored in today's post. ;)