Monday, January 15, 2018


Staying warm???  I hope this finds everyone someplace nice and toasty.  We've gone from nice high 50's to single digits once again.  How is it... that I so enjoyed playing in the winter as a child?

It is very pretty seeing the white snow flakes and glitter from ice, however, at this point is my life, my pretty winter photos are enough to last me a lifetime.

Now, this is what I'm looking forward to seeing.  I do believe, I've become a Spring and Fall kind of gal.... rather than my old Winter, Summer person. Getting older perhaps made the difference.

That's about all for now. Going to try and get to the craft area today for a little crafting if possible.

FYI....I hope everyone is seeing my thank you comments in email, for some reason they aren't always showing up here.  Technology is not my friend lately, I'm going to blame it on the weather haaaahaaa!

Enjoy, stay warm, stay healthy, blessings and hugs, Lori m 

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