Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dropping in...

to say Good Morning to all.  I'm the worst blogger lately, my apologizes to everyone.  I keep trying to get back on the bandwagon and then fall right off.  I have some new photos to post, which I do hope will be this week.

I've been back to clutter cleaning and ridding  thousands of photos I will never use, to make room on my hard drive. Might I add..... a very tedious job indeed, and one I  hope to never do again.

Organizing is horrible to do and rewarding when it's finished. I never want to leave a mess for anyone to clean up including myself. As time marches on, there never seems to be enough time, so the perfect time is now.

Now you have it....the mysterious place I have been hiding out, nowhere and yet everywhere.

So,  this is where all my crafting energy has run off to and with luck soon....very soon....I will have my mojo back and very nicely organized surroundings.

Till then off I go, more clutter to sort and Easter Cards to make, can you here me whistle as my feet move in the same place lol?

Happy Sunday to all, be healthy, blessings and hugs, Lori m

Footnote.....typing with  no sleep, all typos and grammar mistakes allowed, let the stars, (Force) be with me.

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